Mission Bihar

Kisan Kalyan Foundation Trust has conducted a meeting on 6th August, 2020 with team leaders for building members and discussed about employment and Skill development. The meeting headed and Chief Guest Mr. Dwarika Pd Sinha (Chairman, South Mandal, Gaya, BJP) and team builded & supported by Mr. Vishnu Hari Upadhyay (Maha Mantri, South Mandal, Gaya, BJP) and also Mr. Ravi Upadhyay, President & Founder, Kisan Kalyan Foundation Trust and other team leader Smt. Smita Sinha, Pramod, Prem, Dhiraj, Diwakar, Gangu and more was attended.

Bihar is a holy place where Lord Sri Vishnu placed his leg on the chest of devil Gaya Sur and Lord Sri Ram, Laxman, Hanuman & Goddess Maa Sita visited for offering Pind Daan for Lord Sri King Dasharatha at Gaya. Gaya the place for enlighten Lord Gautam Buddha. Bihar, the birth place of Jainism and Sikkh religion. Most of the IAS, IPS, Engineer, Doctor, Designers, Leaders, etc from Bihar but no industries situated. There is no source of income.

We have decided to establish industries in Bihar by providing skills, fund, marketing, exhibition, etc. We have promised to the people of Bihar for employment generation by setting up Export houses in each home.

We will make Manufacturing Hub to Bihar and make a place for Agriculture by supporting from seeding to sell.

Thanks to all for presence. It was nice to talk with team.

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