The Kisan Kalyan Foundation goes above and beyond by offering a comprehensive spectrum of services that cater to both farming and off-farming aspects. On the farming front, the foundation takes charge of the entire agricultural lifecycle, from seeding to selling. This includes expert oversight of farming activities, provision of manpower, deployment of essential equipment and tools, transportation logistics, and facilitation of credit facilities. On the off-farming side, the foundation plays a pivotal role in enhancing the skills and livelihoods of individuals engaged in unorganized occupations, particularly in agriculture, handicrafts, and handlooms. Leveraging its extensive experience in skill development, gained through collaborations with various organizations, the foundation supports farmers, weavers, women entrepreneurs, self-help groups, and startups. The ultimate goal is to make these individuals self-sustainable by focusing on skill enhancement in handloom and handicraft production, as well as other products. In essence, the Kisan Kalyan Foundation stands as a versatile entity, addressing the diverse needs of rural communities and striving to create a more robust and prosperous future.

We have approx. 14 years of experience in skill development individually/ Non-individually, worked for NSIC, NABARD, NCDPD, DCH, COHANDS, UPIDR, EPCH, Exporters, Celebrity designers, and others.

Our primary objective is to make them self-sustainable by enhancing their skills in handloom and handicraft production, as well as other products.

As our second initiative, we will oversee all farming activities, from seeding to selling including manpower, equipment, tools, transportation, credit facilities, and others.


  • Organized channel- well process with a target-oriented in time frame.
  • Providing Upgraded equipment
  • Fundraising from Finance services, Government schemes, and other sources
  • Providing highly qualified and well-experienced Manpower
  • Technical support
  • Alternative sources of income like Government schemes, employment, and others
  • Availability of quality Seeds, Pesticides
  • Providing Water supply
  • Organized Transportation
  • Promotion
  • Organizing Seminars for sharing ideas
  • 24×7 support team
  • Finding Buyers through online and offline
  • Exporting produced
  • Motivational workshops
  • Online E-commerce platform for selling
  • Information about Government schemes
  • Credit facilities through finance institutions
  • Exhibitions
  • Technical Skill Development
  • Storage facilities


  • We provide Skill Development programs
  • Handicraft & Handlooms products designing and selling
  • Manufacturing of Daily Uses products
  • Supporting Small Industries- Laghu Udyog, Grih Udyog
  • Entrepreneurship development program
  • Factories set up- Garments, etc
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