The Kisan Kalyan Foundation has spearheaded transformative initiatives aimed at fostering economic empowerment and skill enhancement within rural communities. One such initiative is the Udyog Aadhar Registration, which streamlines and formalizes the registration process for small and micro-enterprises, providing them with essential recognition and support. In the realm of skill development, the foundation has dedicated efforts to uplift artisans and individuals engaged in handicrafts. Through skill development programs, artisans receive training and guidance, equipping them with the expertise needed for sustainable livelihoods. Additionally, the foundation organizes exhibitions showcasing the rich tapestry of handicrafts, providing a platform for artisans to display their creations and connect with a broader market. The strategic use of hashtags like #kisan, #labour, and #handicrafts underscores the foundation’s commitment to addressing the needs of farmers, laborers, and artisans alike. These initiatives collectively contribute to the foundation’s overarching goal of promoting self-sufficiency, economic resilience, and cultural preservation within rural communities.

We have approx. 14 years of experience in skill development individually/ Non-individually, worked for NSIC, NABARD, NCDPD, DCH, COHANDS, UPIDR, EPCH, Exporters, Celebrity designers, and others.

Our primary objective is to make them self-sustainable by enhancing their skills in handloom and handicraft production, as well as other products.

As our second initiative, we will oversee all farming activities, from seeding to selling including manpower, equipment, tools, transportation, credit facilities, and others.

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